Ocean Beach

Day 17

So nice to spend time at the Nike Bay Eco-Lodge and enjoy the hospitality of James. Our little group is well armed with information for crossing the river. We set off in high spirits for the exciting day ahead.

After a short 5 kms we got to the northern bank of the Horahora. The crossing looked straight forward. Elliot and Ruth led the way, and I followed. The water was just above mid-thigh, so only the legs got wet. The Southern bank was total mud, and the black organic smelly type. We waded through the mangroves and the mud until we reached solid ground. Washed our feet in a handy puddle. Who would think that a muddy puddle could be so useful.

A further 8 kms had us at the next river crossing. A longer crossing, that involved walking along the shoreline for about 3 kms and then one stretch of 100 meters to make the actual crossing. This final section was just above the knee. We were greeted with more black smelly mud on the Southern bank. It was inescapable. Repeated the feet washing routine and continued along. We stayed together as a group for the river crossings, just to help each other out and because it is safer that way.

The day’s walking finished with some lovely forest action and then a tough 7 kms along the beach. The sand was soft and it was high tide, forcing Diana and me up the beach to the loose sand. A few kms in I took a swim, it was amazing and recharged the battery bank for the final 5 kms. We walked in the foot-steps of others before us, and this was the best technique on the soft sand. The campground we stayed at was very nice, flat green grass with a hot shower, toilet and bench. Everything you need.

A long and very rewarding day. We knew it would be a big day, and it was.

Ruth and Elliot crossing the Horohora.
Nasty mud.
Crossing Taihanuru.
Nice little forest section.
Steffen and Diana, almost at the end.
The campsite for the night. Provided by an Angel.
Lovely sunset.