Day at the Beach

Day 22

Very late start today, due to the tides. The 6 kms from the start and 500 meters from the end of the walk is tide dependent. In hindsight, the first tide crossing was completely fine. The trail notes are not always right. The second crossing was more substantial.

Diana has a leaky air mattress and spent the night in the common room. We said our goodbyes as will not likely she her again. She ultimately took off for Auckland to reassess if the trail is right for her. The “Brewed As” cafe was recommended to her breakfast as a parting gift.

Easy day today with virtually no elevation gain and hard packed sand on the beach. And short, at 22 kms. Not much in Pakiri except a huge and totally empty Holiday Park. Which had a well stocked shop, so indulged in an ice-cream, potato chips and a Fanta.

In the evening I managed to damage my tent by catching the fly fabric in a zipper, not realizing, and pulling on the fabric causing it to tear. Grrrrr. I have a love hate relationship with my tent. I want to love it, but it is just too delicate for extended use. I performed a field repair, and it will be fine.

Marije rang the people at Camp 485, we have a space there. That was the last piece of the puzzle to be solved. Everything to Auckland is now worked out.

Heading to the beach.
The view for the day.