Life on The Farm

Day 13

Ruth, Elliot and I had discussed “The Farm” many times, and we had created our own stories about this place. There were rumours on the trail that it was a hippie joint, or maybe it catered to corporate events, some said it served amazing food. After Sheryl’s place, we were ready for more luxury, and we expected much from The Farm.

It was road walking for the entire day. The Russell Forrest is closed, due to Kauri dieback disease issues, so another bypass. Fortunately the roads are nice and there was hardly any traffic. Today was one of those days that I ended up further North than where I started. The first 8kms of the day where almost directly North. I know, I am meant to be heading South. I also missed a key turn-off, and ended up walking a few kms in the wrong direction before realizing my mistake.

The Farm was very nice. Full of WWOOFers1 and foreigners in little camper vans. So, the place did have a slight hippie feel to it. There was even a hammock. After making a simple dinner, having a hot shower and doing some laundry, I shared the camp fire with other travellers and exchanged stories. Dogs barked most of the night.

Missed this turning and walked an extra few kilometers.
The Farm. Relaxed atmosphere and old worldly charm.
This reserve was particularly nice.
  1. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. If you work for 4 hours, you get a room to stay in and maybe some food. ↩︎