Day 15

Up early when the birds woke up. Everyone else was sleeping. Took 2 eggs from the box and tried (unsuccessfully) to fry one, then (successfully) poached the second. It was worth trying, but needs non-stick pans I think.

Mainly road walking, which has a small advantage. Every so often you are stopped on the road and asked if you want a ride to the next town. Hitching for Te Araroa walkers is very easy. A lady stopped and suggested I pop into the local Hall and join them for a cup of tea. This sounded like a very good idea, and so I did a few kilometers later. They had home baked treats to make the visit extra nice. I had to send a message to Ruth and Elliot, as they would love this. And shortly later they joined the party. It was craft day and many of the women from the region came to craft together. As Camp 306 did not have a toilet, their toilet was also a welcome relief.

It has been three days since the last resupply point and one more to the next. Whananki General Store had some limited supplies, and I treated myself. We did a little planning as a team for the resupply the next day. A few big days coming, but a solid plan. We have to sketch out a rough plan of where we will be, and then find out where the shops are and this determines how much food we need.

Stayed in the Holiday Park, and finally got to meet Marije, Maud and Steffen. We have formed a little traveling party, which is nice. The pattern is to walk alone and chat in the evening.

Leaving Camp 306, which is just down the track in the photo.
Opuawhanga Hall. Was on the trail and the local ladies invited me in.
For craft day, and home baked goodies.
Nearing the end of the day, and off the road to connect with the estuary.
First coffee in a while.