To Huntly Golf Course

Day 29

The day would start with a climb up to the viewpoint on Hakarimata walkway. I knew the climb would be tough, but it was a little tougher than I expected. One of the WWOFers did the walk the previous day in 35 minutes. It took me closer to 50 mins. Once at the top, the views were nice. There were people coming and going, seems like this is the local spot for morning exercise.

The walkway was approximately 13 kms through the forest. It was humid but nice, as I was being protected from the blazing sun by the trees. The terrain in the forest was a little slow, although there was no mud. After 4.5 hours I made it to the end and was ready for some flat road walking. Another 13 kms in the blazing sun had me arrive at the Huntly Golf Course. Here I relaxed, had an amazing hot shower, made dinner and was soon tucked up in bed. I parked my tent under the trees to avoid getting wet from the sprinklers due to go off in the morning.

My left foot is playing up a little. There is no sign of a blister, but it does feel bruised. I think I will be going back to my regular boots after this trip. The trail shoe experiment is looking like a bit of a fail.

Entrance to the Hakarimata Walkway and Scenic Reserve
A nice morning for a walk. Although I look relaxed, it was tough going through this forest.
Cicada on the tree. The forest was alive with these little insects.
Huntly Power Station. This little station generates 50% of New Zealand’s green house gases from electricity generation.
There were several occasions when there was a style but it did not cross over anything. Weird.