Kayak Trip and Orewa

Day 25

Wet start to the day and a wet finish. And everything in between was great. The plan to push on yesterday worked well, making it easy to catch the 12 noon outgoing tide for the Kayak trip. As I arrived early into Puhoi, had a chance to get a coffee, chocolate muffin and meet two new Te Araroa walkers, Amy from Australian and Ann from Germany. Then Jen and Pure, the kiwis, turned up and the conversation kept rolling. Steffen, my kayak buddy for the day turned up with 30 minutes to spare. Kayak trip was well worth it, and a very nice way to travel. We paddled a little over 7 kms down the river. The alternative was walking along a busy road. Steffen and I each took a single kayak, although we paddled together.

A few days ago the plan was to stop in Wenderholm, which is at the end of the Kayak trip. But as we would arrive around 2 pm, the plan was revised with the addition of 13.5 kms and a new objective of Orewa. This was a good idea, as there is hardly anything at Wenderholm and there is everything at Orewa, including fish and chips. The day ended up being a total of 33 kms, but it felt like 20 kms. There is something to be said for taking it slowly.

Big storm in the forecast for tonight, so made sure the tent was well secured. Tent is ok with rain but really does not like the wind. So, setting the tent correctly is important on a stormy night. Good news, I did not get wet.

Early start. Track was easier than I thought. And mainly down.
Coffee and muffin time. Actually had two coffees
Very pleasant kayak down the river, with the outgoing tide.
Wenderholm Regional Park.
Possum is looking for something in the yellow trap!
The joys of the big smoke. Fish and Chips.