Dates (tentative) set for the Summit Push

Caroline made it to EBC. She did a big push from Loboche and pulled in just in time for lunch with the rest of the team.

The team is now getting ready for our Summit Push.  We are all a bit excited and a bit neverous. Here is the current schedule, subject to weather of course

  • May 18th – Move to Camp 2
  • May 19th – Rest at Camp 2
  • May 20th – Move to Camp 3 and sleep on Oxygen
  • May 21st – Move to Camp 4 (aka the South Col)
  • May 22nd – Rest at Camp 4
  • May 23rd – Summit Bid and return to Camp 4
  • May 24th – Down to Camp 2
  • May 25th – Down to EBC

Well, that is the plan at least. I picked up a virus or a bug in Pheriche, so I am not feeling so good at the moment. I plan to move up to Camp 2 and assess the situation from there.

Please keep your fingers crossed for a safe and timely summit bid.  Signing out from a Sunny and Hot EBC – stephen


  1. wishing you good health fast Steve! Wishing you both good weather and look forward to reading your updates, all the best from the Rosarios down under to you at the top of the world!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    Good luck on the final accent, we have everything crossed for you down here!

    Take acre

    Hamish and Annie

  3. Hi Stephen – thanks for posting the schedule. We’ll be thinking of you. All the best. Enjoy the moment.
    Jono, Patty, Bella, Gabby and Amelia. 🙂

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