May 19th – Greetings from EBC!

Hi All!

This is my second day at EBC and although there is not that much to do around here but sit around and take in the amazing scenery and read, it is fascinating to be a part of it all. It is quite an operation up here. When all the climbers are in camp there are about 50 people in the Alpine Ascents Camp alone. So you can imagine the logistics involved in running the camp. Ellie is the BC manager for AAInt’l and she is doing an amazing job! She also gave me access to the BC computer today which is mighty nice of her – thanks Ellie!

Stephen and teams (Blue and Red – Stephen elected to be on Blue team this time because he was hit by a terrible cold about 4 days ago – but you know him: he’s keeping his spirits up and is taking it one day, one camp and one step at the time!) are up at Camp 2 where they are ‘enjoying’ a rest day after the grueling climb up yesterday. The weather is fine and seems to be holding, so it looks like they will push on tomorrow. All the climbing sherpa here at BC are getting organized to go up tomorrow.

We have already heard cheers from other camps here this morning, meaning that some teams have summited.

Yesterday the weather here at BC was quite blustery; today it is very nice and warm.

Once summit day is known we will have a better idea of when we will get out of EBC. We will post again when we can!

Greetings from EBC, caroline.


  1. This is truly exciting Caroline! Your report-writing skills make it all so realistic and allows us to follow the event like almost in real time. Keep on posting and enjoy the true live excitement up there. Big hug from Brisbane.

  2. Everyone at MobiTV is following your ascent with great interest! Today during an all-hands meeting Kay showed several slides documenting your progress and a rather dashing picture of Stephen with his full beard. Beste wensen van iedereen in MobiTV!


  3. About the beard picture… umm, that was my fault. Sorry Stephen! But, we’re all excited for you here and anxiously awaiting the summit!


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