Stephen summited at 8:20 this morning!!!!!


Stephen summited Everest at 8:20 on May 23rd!!!!!!!! He was second of the AAI group to accomplish this amazing feat!!! More summit details on the AAI cybercasts.

Everyone is going down to Camp 4 now. Tomorrow to Camp 2 and back in EBC on the 25th.

More details on how and when we get out of here once we have them!

greetings from an excited BC,



  1. Congratulations Stephen! Certainly to live long as one of your proudest and most inspiring experiences. ~ Bill Brick

  2. Well done Cuz!! Thats awesome!! We are all so proud of you!! Safe travels back and amazing that you did it on the anniversary of Sir Ed’s trip… – Kate Bevin

  3. Quite a challenge, well taken. Stephen Congratulations to you and your team. We were thrilled just tracking your achievement and can only imagine how it felt when you reached the summit. Cheers from Canada Peter & Tim Bradshaw. PS We are not an Everest but we would be pleased to have you and Caroline “climb up” to visit us in West Vancouver BC Canada.

  4. Congratulations Stephen — what an amazing achievement! I can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back.

    Proficiat Caroline!


  5. Fantastic, Stephen. Have really enjoyed following your progress. Looking forward to hearing your stories and experiences from the top of the world. Congratulations from us all.
    Jono, Patty, Bella, Gabby and Amelia.

  6. Stephen, fantastic job! Congratulations on completing yet another amazing adventure. Well done, and congratulations to you too Caroline for sticking it through another harrowing climb. Now that Everest is done, what’s next on the horizon?? 😉


  7. Waw Stephen! Congratulations! Fantastic! We’re looking forward to reading about all the details later on! Kristin & Jan

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