Stephen expected back in EBC anytime now!

Hi All,

It is about 10:30 here at EBC and I expect Stephen (and the whole team) to arrive before lunch.

The weather today here is not so good: we are completely under cloud cover and it has been snowing since very early this morning and has not let up.  Not too sure what that will do to our chances of getting out of here early! The idea is that tomorrow May 26th we hike to Pheriche and 4 of us have opted for a helicopter ride out of there the morning of the 27th. The helicopter has been ordered and confirmed, but for it to actually be able to fly the weather has to improve dramatically…  And the monsoon has started and we are being affected by a weather system in the Bay of Bengal (which has been upgraded to a cyclone). So fingers crossed…

Email update: thanks to all for your emails to EBC; Stephen will reply when he can, but that probably won’t be possible from EBC anymore, since there is a delay on getting emails in and out of here.  So from now on: no more emails to the special EBC email address since we probably won’t get them anymore. You can email to our regular Yahoo addresses again; we should be able to read those in a few days in Kathmandu (depending on when we get there).greetings from EBC,

caroline (who can’t wait to get to warmer weather again!).

PS: just heard on the radio that they are about 30-60 mins away.


  1. Hi Stephen, Hi Caroline.
    congratulations on your summiting!
    We are incredibly proud!
    Great to hear that you are safely down.

    Well done!

    Annie & Hamish xx

  2. Guys, what an adventure!!! A heartfelt congratulations to you both! We’re so proud and wish you a lovely reunion after all those weeks in the icy battlefields out there. I betcha you can’t wait for a warm sunny SF day followed by a burger at 21A. eh!? We’ll be there waiting for ya. Keep warm and safe travels!

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