Greetings from Pheriche

So yes, I did make it to Lukla as planned and am well on my way to EBC!
Even better: Stephen’s expedition team is down from EBC to get stronger (and there are some weather delays) and I managed to catch up with them!!! We have been together for the last 4 days; today is our last one before the expedition gets going again.

Stephen’s group will hike form Pheriche to EBC tomorrow to hopefully start their summit push. I will take 2/3 days to hike to EBC.

PS: we did post together a few days ago, but internet has been very unreliable and obviously the post didn’t get through.

So all is well with both of us; we won’t be able to post anymore until back in Kathmandu (most likely).

Greetings from both of us!!!!!!!

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