Red Canyon

Between Great Basin National Park and Capitol Reef National is the Red Dixie National Forest. It was a good spot to stop for the night. We headed up a dirt side road to find a secluded wild camping spot. After a very bumpy and silty road, we successfully eased our way into the perfect spot. We managed to damage our coffee maker aloing the way, but fortunately it still makes coffee. We settled in and Stephen went walking up the nearby canyon. About an hour before sunset and just before dinner, the skies started to turn gray and rain threaten. So, we decided to make a hasty retreat, as the road in would clearly turn to a mud and bog trap. So, we ended up at the trailhead of Casto Canyon.

The next day we headed to the visitor center, which was unfortunately still closed for the season. But we headed up Golden Wall Trail. Very nice morning walk. The trail still had snow in places, but easy to cross with a little care. We really do enjoy this part of the world.

Our camp for the night.
View from the Golden Wall walk.
Golden Wall Trail. I am guessing the trail is named after this rock feature.