Guadalupe Peak

Guadalupe Peak is the highest peak in Texas. It is also a National Park. And it is on the way to Colorado.

We got up early and slipped away from our camping spot around 6:30am for the drive back to Guadalupe Peak. We were camped in some BLM land north of the Park, as camping in the Park was very had to get. Just after 7am Stephen was on the trail to the Peak. There was a Red flag High Wind warning for the peak, but the warning only started at 11am. So, the idea was to get up and be mostly down before the wind would became too bad. And it all worked out, with the round trip taking only 4 hours.

Prada Shop Art Installation, in the middle of nowhere.
Blue Origin Launch Site. Also in the middle of nowhere.
The road to Guadalupe Peak, which is likely in the large peak in the background mountains.
Entering Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
Camp for the night. Climb starts in the morning.
Not bad sunset.
Seen on the trail. Another advantage of leaving earlier. Wildlife spotting.
Had the summit to myself.
Another fine night camping on BLM land.