Carlsbad Caverns

We tried to visit Carlsbad Caverns on the way to Texas for the Solar eclipse, but we were unable to get entry tickets. Probably all the other Solar Eclipse seekers had the same idea. Anyway, lot’s of tickets were now available and we spent a good three hours at this amazing National Park. The caverns are huge.

We ended the day back at Brantley Lake, a site we had camped at a few weeks earlier. Stephen of course went for a swim. Later Em’n’Bec joined us.

Entrance Shot.
We entered through the natural entrance. Adds quite a bit of walking, but well worth it.
Nice paths.
There was even a cafe in the caverns. Closed when we were there for some maintenance.
Looks like a Flemish Kabouter?
Some detail.
The Large Room.
Back at the lake.