4 Corners

We made a small side-trip to visit 4 Corners, the only place in United States where there is a confluence of four states; Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico intersect at a Monument and tourist attraction. Apparently the monument is not where they intended it to be, and is 550 meters away from the correct location. Oh well.

We were driving from Utah towards the Monument, and while not planned, the route had us leave Utah and enter Colorado, then leave Colorado to enter New Mexico. After the Monument, we left New Mexico briefly, to cross into Arizona and then back into New Mexico. So, Molly got to all four states as well.

Leaving Utah, Entering Colorado.
Leaving Colorado, Entering New Mexico.
Leaving New Mexico, Entering Arizona
Leaving Arizona and back to New Mexico.
Garmin track shown in black (already done) and purple (yet to do).
Very happy to be at 4 corners.