NRAO Very Large Array

A few hours outside of Albuquerque is Very Large Array or VLA. Stephen has been wanting to go this engineering marvel for decades, and finally got the chance. Caroline visited the VLA back in 2005 with Deirdre, and was special for her to return. We took a moment to remember our good friend Deirdre.

We wandered the site and enjoyed all the exhibits. So nice that the National Radio Astronomy Observatory allows us to visit the site.

Stephen finally made it to the VLA.
This Antenna is always here, and the only one we can visit up close.
Amazing to see these antenna is this close configuration.
We turned our backs on the antenna for 1 minute, and they moved to the pointing-up position.
There 28 antenna. 27 are needed for the array allowing one to be in maintenance. each antenna goes for maintenance every 3 to 4 years.
The antenna followed us as we drove away.